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In this whimsical yet touching bedtime story, the special love that parents have for their children is explored and reinforced—with lots of surprise giggles along the way! Enjoy a warm "goodnight snuggle” with your child, with the help of this fun and amusing book that your child will ask to hear again and again!

By: Julie Hauser
List Price: $10.95
Online Discounted Price: $9.85
Chesky loves the spring, and the summer, and the fall—but he loves the winter most of all. He loves playing in the snow, and he can’t wait for the first snow day of the year! 

But…what happens when the weatherman’s prediction for snow turns out to be wrong? 

And when an entire winter goes by without any sign of snow— is it possible for things to still change? 

Join Chesky as he learns an important lesson about Who is really in charge of the weather and Who controls everything in the whole world.

By: Miriam Ribiat
List Price: $10.95
Online Discounted Price: $9.85
Rav Elyashiv zt"l and his inseparable pair. 

When it came to Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv's learning, the world outside could be buzzing with noise and activity, important people could be coming and going, history could be in the making—but nothing, absolutely nothing, could enter that holy world comprised of the towering yet humble gadol and his Gemara. 

In Your Torah Is My Delight, young readers are treated to twentyfive breathtakingly beautiful stories about the jewel of our generation who passed away just a few short years ago. Take a glimpse into the greatness that existed in Klal Yisrael's midst. Take a glimpse into the life of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt"l, the leader of our generation.

By: Rabbi Avraham Ohayun
List Price: $17.95
Online Discounted Price: $16.16
When the very heartbeat of life turns unfamiliarly hazy and gray, how does one distinguish between what is right, what is wrong, and what is simply “different”? 

In the seething political cauldron of Eretz Yisrael post-1948, religious individuals struggle against the winds of the time…and culture shocks they are not prepared for. 

Gittel: The daughter of a staunch Yerushalmi family who already suffered the loss of two sons — one to death and the other to patriotism — Gittel searches for acceptance among her peers in a setting where modern customs seem to have penetrated even the most guarded of enclaves. 
Tzachi: Having broken off contact with his family years ago, Tzachi lately finds himself overcome by pangs of homesickness and longing for his old home. Will he forever remain trapped in the shadows of his slain brother? Can he ever return to the Itche of his youth? Is that really what he wants? And if so…will his family agree to take him back into the fold? 
Ezra: Interned in a transit camp in Yemen and then airlifted with his family to Eretz Yisrael during Operation Magic Carpet, Ezra finds himself caught in the storm blowing across the land he has waited so long to call home. In addition to coping with the enormous upheaval his family’s move engenders, Ezra is dismayed to discover a new value system existing in the Jewish homeland. 
Yemima: An unusually bright, sensitive, and perceptive girl, Yemima has endured much suffering in her young life. Will she ever be given the chance to spread her own wings and begin anew in Eretz Yisrael, or does the instability of the times dictate a different reality? 

Beautifully crafted and written by C. Rosenberg, Culture Shock is an exquisite and realistic portrayal of Jewish life in the Holy Land during a most turbulent era in recent history. It is a historical novel you will always cherish.
List Price: $23.95
Online Discounted Price: $21.56
Sefer Avodas Yam is the perfect sefer for those who want to review the laws of basar b'cholov and ta'aruvos. Designed in a way where the Shulchan Aruch and Rema can be learned seamlessly together with the major commentators, it will prove to be a great tool for chazarah, whether you're learning for s'michah or just as a refresher. Background to the siman and some extras in footnotes at the bottom, plus over 300 questions to test yourself how well you know the material. 

By: the Rosh Kollel of the Philadelphia Kollel, Rabbi Yechiel Biberfeld (author of the Matnas Chelko series of va’adin by Harav Mattisyahu Salomon shlit”a).
List Price: $9.95
Online Discounted Price: $8.95
As a young boy in Jersey City in the 1950s, Lipa Wallerstein’s whole world consists of his father’s small synagogue on the bottom floor of their ramshackle house. With no Jewish friends nearby and a family that doesn’t take much interest in him, Lipa finds himself alone more often than not — but always in the company of his fertile imagination… and his one burning ambition: to study from an old set of Mishnayos left by his grandfather, a great tzaddik. But when he opens a volume and peers at the page, he cannot understand a word it says. 

His zeide always taught him: When you learn Torah, you must see the tzaddikim whose words you study standing right before you! And so, Lipa pleads, “Rabbi Ovadiah Bartenura, please come and teach me the Mishnah…” 

It isn’t long before a whole new world opens up for Lipa. It is a world of Torah — and a world of great peril. A world where ravenous hunger rages in Jerusalem…and danger looms over the blue-green waves of the Mediterranean…and an awful calamity takes place in Vienna… 

And then, one lonely summer’s day, Lipa discovers an injured pigeon and returns it to its rooftop nest. Thus ushers in a new chapter in Lipa’s life, with results that shake Heaven and earth. For Lipa has come upon the immense mystery of Little Fleigel, and the repercussions of it couldn’t be more astounding… 

The Shul Boy, told over in classic Gottesman style, is a novel that will touch you, excite you, and enthrall you. As with all of his books, the author weaves truth with fiction, deep-set reality with stunning fantasy, to create a heart-stopping and exquisite novel. Enter the world of Lipa Wallerstein…and allow the adventure to begin… 

By: Meir Uri Gottesman
List Price: $23.95
Online Discounted Price: $21.56
Little Yo is a great kid, except for one thing: he never finishes what he starts. Then one day, Abba asks him to help build and decorate their family’s sukkah. Yo is excited about the project and eagerly gets started on it. After a while, though, he gets bored and decides to take a rest… 

Sukkos comes, together with some very strong winds. Abba thinks the sukkah is sturdy and solid, but…what happens when the sukkah you created is only halfway done? 

Join Yo in his saggy sukkah as he learns an important lesson about finishing what he starts, in this whimsical and endearing Sukkos tale!

By: Abigail Rozen
List Price: $10.95
Online Discounted Price: $9.85
Get ready for a group of friends who honestly and truly understand you — because they’ve been through it all themselves! 


Malka, who moves away from her hometown and all that’s familiar and secure, to a brand new country which she fears she’ll never acclimate to… 

Esther, who is shocked to discover the reason she has lost her best friend… 

Aviva, who fears she has a dreaded disease… 

Bracha, who must make a heart-wrenching decision that she knows will forever affect both her and the friend closest to her… 

…and a host of other real teens just like you! 

Teens Talk is the private-journal-like book of twenty-two teens and their true accounts. Discover the story beneath the story of these girls—what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, what makes them cry, what makes them dream…and discover your own self among them, too.

By: Malka Katzman
List Price: $20.95
Online Discounted Price: $18.86
Gitty: Popular and smart, she is haunted by a past that her mother and grandparents have tried so hard to hide from her all these years. 

Tami: The closest friend Gitty has ever had, Tami has her own demons to face—and to own up to. 

Shana: As a single mother for nearly two decades, she has tried so hard to give her daughter the very best in life—only to discover one day that a simple, careless mistake may have knocked down her entire, carefully built structure… 

Rochel: A recent widow and Tami’s mother, Rochel has had more than her share of pain in life. What she wants now, more than anything, is some stability—and for her children to heal and find peace in their own lives… 

Set against the backdrop of an exhilarating year of seminary in Eretz Yisrael, Never Too Late is the story of a sensitive young girl trying to make sense of her broken home and mysterious past. As Gitty embarks upon a personal journey she knows she can never turn back on, she discovers much heartache, pain, and regret. But she also discovers true friendship, resilience, and brand-new opportunities—and the fact that it is Never Too Late for a fresh new start…

By: Bracha Rosman
List Price: $22.95
Online Discounted Price: $20.66
If you were a baker 
With an apron and hat, 
A mixing bowl and blender, 
And much more than that… 
…then what would you bake for each Yom Tov? 

Children often associate the Jewish holidays with each one’s own unique foods, whether it’s honey cake for Rosh Hashanah, hamantaschen for Purim, matzah for Pesach, or cheesecake for Shavuos. In Yom Tov Yummies, your child will be taken on a mouth-watering trip around the year, as he or she meets up with the various symbolic foods of each Yom Tov—in one very special bakery!

By: Sara Blau
List Price: $10.95
Online Discounted Price: $9.85
In the heat of war, a decision is made, and a man pays a price – his life. Benny dies saving his friend Yoel, leaving his friend saddled with a guilty conscience. 

Desperate to make amends, Yoel becomes a lawyer and dedicates his life to defending the innocent, even as he longs for an opportunity to fully repay his debt. When he finally gets it, his life is turned upside-down – forever. 

Mira, Yoel’s sister, faces an equally excruciating dilemma. Forced to choose between betraying a friend and breaking up her family, she encounters the true strength of her convictions. 

Michal, Mira’s niece, struggles and overcomes anorexia, yet discovers that its shadow continues to haunt her. Will her past succeed in destroying her future? 

Guilty as Charged is the story of courageous souls who battle to overcome a crushing verdict. 

In the courtrooms of their lives, who will emerge victorious?

By: Ruth Arieli Rapaport
List Price: $26.95
Online Discounted Price: $24.26
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